Looking for a kayak?


You may have looked at plastic kayaks, thinking fiberglass was too expensive. Guess what... it's not! Not only are my kayaks lightweight and a dream to paddle, they are also reasonably priced... only $395. Buy a fiberglass kayak for the price of a plastic kayak! This is my retirement business, so I have low- to no overhead and enjoy passing my savings on to you. Get one factory direct at half of what you would expect to pay for a Fiberglass Kayak.

Take a look around the site. If you have questions, then give me a call...

Don - Keystone Heights, Florida


I live on Lake Geneva. Stop by and try one out.



the kayak

I sell one model of kayak: it is fiberglass, very stable, single-seat, lightweight, sit-in recreational craft with lots of room for storage. And it doesn't need a rudder... because it tracks amazingly well without one.


Length: 12'    Width: 32"   Weight: 38 lbs

Cockpit Size: 57" L x 20.5" W

Flotation: Front & Rear

Capacity: 350 lbs

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Teal, Orange, Purple, Camouflage, Olive, White, Pink, Lime Green

About me (Don)

I started selling these kayaks around 20 years ago after getting bitten by the "kayak bug" and trying everything from 18 ft touring kayaks to 9 ft plastic 'funyaks'. They were either too long, too short, too squirrelly, too tippy, too heavy, or just too darn expensive. Finally, I found this wonderful Recreational Kayak-- well-built, stable and inexpensive-- then fell in love with it and became a dealer. If you are going to spend many hours in a kayak, you want one with excellent performance. And a good fiberglass kayak will last a lifetime.

I love that I hear from so many of my customers about how much they adore this little boat. If you paddle one, you'll understand.